We produce precision parts (diameter 0,5mm-26mm) on approx. 50 single and multi spindle lathes of different types with about 35 employees. We process almost all machinable materials with additional conditioning and surface treatment in small and large production runs. 

By using state-of-the-art technology we are able to machine a large variety of transverse sides, back sides and front sides. At this we can use up to 11 programmable axes. 

Our production output is approx. 20 million turning workpieces per year. 

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We have the following production facilities for machining processes: 

Single spindle lathes 
Multi spindle lathes 
Lathes with rotating tollhead 
- 1-26 mm diameters 
- sliding head 
- CNC and Swiss-type 
- magazin bar feeds 

Additional Conditioning /Processing 
Milling, turning, grinding, drilling, and tapping is carried out on various additional processing machines and / or special machines. 

Galvanic Surfaces 
are only assigned to well-known, quality-oriented suppliers. 

Employing the latest technology our turning parts are de-oiled, deburred, sand-blasted, treated supersonic, vibratory finishing, or if the customer desires corrosion protection the turning parts are lubricated with oil.