Quality Management

The quality management system is certified according to DIN-EN-ISO 9001. 

Poeschl Praezisionsteile GmbH produces with a loss of 3% in production. Customer complaints are far below 0,3% regarding the value and piece ratio. At a production volume of 20 million turning parts per year and about 1800 shipments this low margin of error can only be accomplished with the following provisions: -organized document and process administration 

- batch management for raw materials and pre-fabricated parts 

- strict control at the beginning of serial production 

- Controls of finished and half-finished products according to inspection plans (Poeschl Standard Quality Control
   Plan or Customer's Control Plan) 

- Each production order runs through various inspections until it is finally presented to Quality Assurance in
  the final inspection. The successful audit of the final inspection is the precondition for the shipment-release. 

- Administration of measuring devices: all measuring devices are listed in a data-base, and are continuously
  calibrated. We attach great importance to applying the correct measuring devices, we use conventional
  measuring equipment, as well as a computer controlled laser  analyzer, and a number of optical checking devices
  which give us 40-times magnifications. 

- preventive measures and control cycles in the complete production-flow- process. (If an error occurs,
  we will avoid to let it happen twice.) 

Our qualified and experienced associates guarantee a continuously high quality level. 
For further information please contact our Quality Assurance Manager Mr. Peter Gawenda